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Dear Animart,

When our family decided it was time to adopt a dog we were looking around and found "Totoro" now known as Duke at the Animart store on the east side of Madison. We liked the fact that he was already neutered and all of his first year shots were included in the price. All the staff was very friendly and even went through with different types of breads to ensure we were getting a dog that would be perfect for our family. When we made the decision that Duke would be part of our family Shayna began the adoption process. She was amazing! Right away we could tell that she had a special connection with Duke. She was very informational about all the questions we asked including types of foods and any question about puppies and German Shepherds. Not only did she include my husband and I in the adoption process but she also included our two boys. She made this an exciting time for all of us. She was also able to tell us about the breeder he came from and reassured us that he was coming from a place that has a very good reputation. She even informed us that Animart works very closely with the breeder and has very high standards with the breeders they work with. She discussed with us what to expect as Duke gets older and educated us on a large breed dog. The whole process was a great experience we left there feeling confident we made the right choice for our family. Duke is now shy of a year old and we could not be happier with our decision. He has done amazing through all of his training and we often get compliments on how wonderful of a dog he is. Numerous times we have stopped back at Animart and Duke still has an amazing connection with Shayna the moment he sees her he goes running and gives her plenty of love. He definitely has a special spot in his heart for Shayna. The staff is always great about asking us how things are going and leading us in the right direction if we have any questions. We could not be happier with our adoption experience at Animart!!


Dear Animart:

We have had the opportunity to partner with your store to teach our children the importance of opening our heart and home to a pet needing a loving family. And because my children have seen first hand and had the opportunity to ask questions, they have learned the importance of spaying and neutering and have become responsible pet owners.

We feel Animart is far more than just a pet store. It has been and continues to be a stepping stone for a variety of animals from homes that maybe weren't able to care for them any longer. Animart offers that stone and assists in finding these animals a loving place to call home. It's wonderful to finally find a pet store with associates who truly care about the health and happiness of their animals. They are always willing to educate their customers to ensure that every animal leaving their care is going to a good home.

I will continue going to Animart for all my pet supplies and pet needs. Thank you, Animart, for always surpassing my expectations.


A Life-Long Animart Customer


Dear Animart,

Thanks to you, our family has been blessed by 3 wonderful pets that came into our lives. Two of our animals were rescue animals with little history, just the desire to be part of a family, and our dog was from a reputable breeder. We were reassured after being given the history of the puppy and the breeder that Animart truly cares about doing the right thing. We couldn't be happier with the choices we've made to adopt from Animart.

Thank you, Animart, for helping bring this extra love into our lives!

The Schultz Family


Dear Madison Animart Staff,

We just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help with our cat, Jack. We adopted him from you last fall. He was a rescue cat, and came to Animart very sick. You did a wonderful job helping him recover, and he looked great by the time we adopted him. Unfortunately, after we got Jack home, he continued to have occasional problems. Your staff was extremely helpful, both on the phone and in person while working with us to figure out what was wrong with him. They provided medications and check-ups free of charge throughout the whole process. We are happy to report that Jack is now a healthy, happy cat who we love to pieces.

Chelsea and Dale



Thank you so very much for your kind and caring nature towards the animals and customers at ANIMART. You are their greatest asset!!! You are a genuine person who is beautiful inside and out. You are always professional, polite and very attentive to everyone you come in contact with. I appreciate everything you have done for me and the animals. You will always be my favorite "go to" person. Thank you for being so special!!!

Charlene & Sarah Morris