Animart Pet Store is taking requests Birthday Parties & Store Tours within our Madison location! 

Pricing for both Birthday Parties & Store Tours is listed below!

Birthday Party Information:

  • $195 Per Party For Up To 10 Kids
  • $5 Per Child Thereafter
  • Party includes a One Hour Store Tour with an Animart associate as well as one hour in the upstairs party room! (Pictures Below Of Past Parties)
  • Animart will provide Plates, Cups, Silverware, Napkins, Tablecovers, Popcorn, Music & A Coloring Book for all children attending

We encourage families to bring pizza, birthday cake, or anything else that you think would provide happiness to your child's birthday!




Store Tour Information:

  • $75 For 1 Hour Tour With Up To 10 Kids
  • $5 Per Child Thereafter
  • Store Tour includes a One Hour Tour with an Animart associate!

FAQ About Our Birthday Parties:

Q: Can we get into the birthday party room prior to our schedule time frame?
A:  Absolutely, generally about a half-hour prior.

Q: How many people can the birthday party room accommodate?
A: Up to 15 kids & 4 adults will fit comfortably. This room is located upstairs in our Madison location.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about the tour?
A: We will have one tour guide if the party is 12 children or less. From there we will have an additional sales associate help. We are very flexible in hopes that we can show & talk about the animals that the birthday party child enjoys the most.

Q: Can you bring animals up to the room, or are they shown just during the tour?
A: There is a possibility for this, however with food, snacks, decorations, etc upstairs this can become more complicated. We prefer to keep the animals down on the floor as much as possible.

Q: What do we need to secure the date & the room?
A: We would need to know the two hour time frame you are looking at. And then we will need a CC # on file to hold on to in the event of a no show (At that point we would take a $50 deposit from the card)


Birthday Party Forms:

Event Consent Form

Birthday Party Invite 1

Birthday Party Invite 2

Thank You For Attending!