Myth Vs. Fact – Animart Pet Stores

Animart gets their puppies from puppy mills. MYTH

ANIMART Pet Store is very selective about the breeders with whom we work. All breeders must have the required and up-to-date licenses and superior inspection reports from the DATCP in Wisconsin. ANIMART Pet Store’s veterinary staff also inspects every breeder repeatedly to ensure they are meeting ANIMART Pet Store’s Breeder Excellence Standards, which are stricter than those of the DATCP. Breeders must also agree to guarantee their puppies are free of most congenital defects, and be willing to refund the cost of the animal to the owners in the event there is a health problem discovered within the first year.

Animart will put down an animal if they cannot find it a home. MYTH

ANIMART Pet Store has no time limit when it comes to the animals under our care. They are here until they find a forever home, not until we run out of room.

If I buy a pet at Animart Pet Stores, I am supporting inhumane breeding practices. MYTH

There is widespread belief that pet stores are focused so much on profit, that they buy animals for the lowest prices they can, without regard to how those animals were treated by the breeders. There have been headline-making news stories about substandard breeding facilities where animals are cruelly treated, and these stories have fueled the belief that these breeders are selling to pet stores, and pet stores are supporting this treatment of animals. This is a dangerous generalization that is harming many responsible pet stores who care about the health and safety of the animals both in their care, and in the care of breeders.

Pet Stores are in fact, the most regulated and the most accountable sources of high quality pets. FACT

If there was to be a ban on the sale of pets in retail stores, lawmakers would be driving consumers to less regulated, higher-risk pet purchasing territory. This would be putting customers into the arms of substandard breeders.

Retail Pet Stores account for a very small portion of total pet sales. FACT

Sources such as the American Pet Products Association (APPA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) estimate that retail stores account for an incredibly small percentage of pet sales. This means that the vast majority of pets are coming from rescue facilities, backyard breeders and internet sites.

Most Pet Stores buy their puppies from substandard breeders. MYTH

The vast majority of pet stores buy their puppies from high-quality professional breeders who meet or exceed federal standards for responsible animal care. Responsible retailers simply don’t purchase pets substandard breeders.

Animart will adopt a pet out to anyone. MYTH

Animart Pet Store on multiple occasions has refused the adoption of an animal to a customer because we did not feel it was in the best interest of the pet. Animart has an extremely thorough adoption process and we will not adopt a pet out until we know the customer fully understands the commitment they need to take care of a pet.

Animart Pet Stores cares about all of the animals in their stores. FACT

Animart treats all of its animals with the finest care. With department managers in each section of our store, we strive to maintain the high quality care that these animals need on a daily basis. From Fish and exotics, to puppies and kitties, you will see our associates every day giving the time and attention necessary to keep our animals happy and healthy.

Animart Pet Stores only sells animals. I can’t buy my pet supplies from there. MYTH

We are a One-Stop Pet Shop! From food and supplies, to a Veterinary department in store, we have everything that you and your pet need to be 100% satisfied. Don’t forget about our Walk-In Vaccination clinics!

Animart is a reliable source to get anything pet related. FACT

Animart has become an incredibly popular place for all of your pet needs both in Madison and in Beaver Dam. With our knowledgeable staff, and our wide variety of services that we provide, Animart truly can be your one stop shop for all of your pet needs. Make sure to stop in if you haven’t shopped with us before!