Animart's Veterinary Wellness Center Offers Appointment Times 8am-5pm Monday-Friday, With Varying Times On Saturdays. We Are Closed On Sundays. 

Preventive veterinary services for the wellness, happiness and longevity of your pets. Animart Pet Store is proud to have a Veterinary Wellness Center responsible for the health of all our Furry Purry, Creepy Crawly, Feathered, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Wet & Wild animals.  Besides spaying and neutering all our puppies and kittens, we also offer veterinary services to help keep your pets healthy.

Animart Veterinary Wellness Center also offers Health Exams by appointment for any type of pet, starting at $45. You can call or text our Animart Veterinary Wellness Center at 608.242.2142 to schedule your appointment. You can also email us at to set up an appointment!

Animart Veterinary Wellness Center is also proud to offer annual Dog/Cat Packages for your pet. Packages include options if you need a Lifetime Microchip or a Spay/Neuter.

Please note the only Holidays we are open in our Veterinary Department are Christmas Eve & New Year's Eve from 8am-Noon. Thank you for your understanding!