Testimonials from Animart Pet Store Customers

Hi Animart!,

We weren’t sure what the best way to get in contact with you was but we wanted to reach out to say thank you so much for helping us adopt our little guy! We adopted Tiger (now Stuart) this past Labor Day weekend and had an amazing experience with you guys. Thank you again for all your help in adopting our little guy. He is the best thing that has happened to us. He has brought so much love and happiness into our lives. We look forward to hopefully adopting with you guys in the future. I attached a picture of Stu as well.

Thanks so much! 

The Brady Family (Michael, Iris, and Stuart) 


To The Entire Animart Veterinary Staff,

Thank you for all you do! I appreciate your care and attention to our cat, Simon. You were prompt and your flexibility in scheduling an appointment for him was wonderful! Your drive-thru set up in response to COVID is so easy and actually easier for a mom of four to use instead of hauling all the kids inside with me!

Your vet clearly communicated the course of treatment for Simon and let me make the final call on how aggressively to treat his issue. Simon is already walking with less hesitation and getting back to his usual self! 


Good Morning to Vet Clinic Animart,

I wanted to let you know of my great satisfaction every time my puppies and I come for a visit. The last visit Fancee had been doing the scoot quite a bit for about 3 weeks. Your Vet suggested expressing the anal glands. He
preformed this and found she was in very need of it. I called after that in 2 days to let you know that she was scooting still, we talked and he said that she was probably having itching. I'm writing to say that as of today April 15th Fancee has shown very little scooting. When she did that this morning and it has been so very less I wanted to write this email in Thanks
for all of the visits not only that last visit (April 1st).

Thanks so much and hope to know all is well with everyone at Animart Veterinary Clinic.

So will look forwarding to seeing all the compassionate loving staff.

Dear Animart Pet Store,

(Birthday Party Testimonial) We had an absolutely lovely time. All the kids were excited. I had parents text me after about how their kid was still talking about the party on the way home. You and your staff were amazing to work with. Very helpful and accommodating. The room set up was perfect, and eased my pain of getting things organized, esp after the holidays. So thank you very much!


Dear Animart:

We have had the opportunity to partner with your store to teach our children the importance of opening our heart and home to a pet needing a loving family. And because my children have seen first-hand and had the opportunity to ask questions, they have learned the importance of spaying and neutering and have become responsible pet owners.

We feel Animart is far more than just a pet store. It has been and continues to be a stepping stone for a variety of animals from homes that maybe weren't able to care for them any longer. Animart offers that stone and assists in finding these animals a loving place to call home. It's wonderful to finally find a pet store with associates who truly care about the health and happiness of their animals. They are always willing to educate their customers to ensure that every animal leaving their care is going to a good home.

I will continue going to Animart for all my pet supplies and pet needs. Thank you, Animart, for always surpassing my expectations.

A Life-Long Animart Customer


Dear Animart and Their Caring Employees:
Thanks to you, our family has been blessed by 3 wonderful pets that came into our lives. Two of our animals were rescue animals with little history, just the desire to be part of a family, and our dog was from a reputable breeder. We were reassured after being given the history of the puppy and the breeder that Animart truly cares about doing the right thing. We couldn't be happier with the choices we've made to adopt from Animart.
Thank you, Animart, for helping bring this extra love into our lives!
The Schultz Family


Dear Animart Friends:
I just wanted to write a quick thank you regarding the newest member of our family, Wyatt. From the beginning, my wife and I felt very comfortable with the adoption process at Animart because we knew Wyatt had been well taken care of and was current on all his vaccinations. It also gave us peace of mind to know that we could take him to see a vet right at the store!

Wyatt immediately fit into our family and truly has become a best friend to both of our boys. His gentle personality and playfulness has made him an integral part of our "pack." Thank you again for your kindness and for bringing Wyatt into our lives!
The Walz Family