In business since 1982, ANIMART Pet Store has grown through the years by responding to our customers' needs, providing products, service and knowledge to help pets live long and healthy lives. All of ANIMART Pet Store’s owners, managers and staff are pet professionals and enthusiasts whose families include a wide variety of pets. We are proud to work with local breeders and rescues and to have been a leader in the pet industry of juvenile spays and neuters, ensuring that our puppies and kittens cannot produce unwanted litters.

VISION - ANIMART Pet Store’s vision is to BE “What a Pet Store SHOULD Be” with a passion for knowledgeable, responsible pet care and ownership.

MISSION - ANIMART Pet Store is committed to: Making a positive difference in the lives of pets, their people and pets in need. Educating pet enthusiasts on best pet selection, responsible care and safe handling. Raising the standards of animal care while focusing on the value of pets in people’s lives as lifelong family members Providing select, quality products and services that help pets and their families live fun, healthy, safe and rewarding lives.

VALUES – Guiding Principles We care about pets, their people, ourselves and each other. We are advocates for the well-being of pets, the mutually beneficial rewards of human-animal companionship, and for the rights of people to own pets. We are each responsible for our performance, integrity and success. Our actions must always earn and deserve the respect of others and ourselves. We strive to constantly improve our processes and performance, increase and share our knowledge and to exceed expectations.


Animart Pet Store fully supports Act 90, which is the No Puppy Mill Law in WIsconsin that was introduced back in 2009. For more information on Act 90, please click on the link below!