Animart's Full Service Veterinary Department is now featuring X-Ray Services!

Animart Pet Store is very excited to announce the addition of X-Ray Services at our Madison location. X-rays are most commonly used to produce photographs of bones which can be checked for breaks or fractures. X-rays on pets allow our staff to look at images to help diagnose potential problems with your pet.

Our Veterinary Staff will use Digital X-rays to find out valuable information regarding your pet's bones, GI tract, heart & lungs as well as the genitourinary system. In some cases for an X-ray our Veterinary department will need to sedate your pet with anesthesia to get the best result possible.

Take a look at the prices below on our X-ray services and give us a call at 608.242.2142 if you would like to set-up an appointment!

(Wellness Exam is required prior to your pet's X-ray)